A few things before commenting/posting/sending inquiries:

1. Sea Legs will always be free to view. Additional comics will be available via Patreon starting 16 October, 2017.

2. I am officially taking commissions and available for freelance work. Use the contact form on my portfolio site for inquiries.

3. No bullies. While Sea Legs can and will have adult themes, and the characters can and will be less than kind to each other, don’t be rude in the comments section. It’s unnecessary and unhelpful in having a constructive conversation, especially when the story focuses on less than positive aspects of the world at large.

4. Sea Legs usually updates weekly on Fridays. Every time a new chapter or interlude begins, I will take a week’s hiatus to get some bufferage going.

5. The timeline in Sea Legs bounces back and forth between the Victorian Era (mid 1870s) and modern times. Unless the dates are explicitly indicated, the modern storyline begins in August 2017.

My reading list!

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Post-apocalyptic: Bicycle Boy, Larkspur

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