Happy first update of the Spooky Month! From here on out, each month’s featured sea creature will get its own infocomic. This month’s winner was the Pelican Eel.

There have been exciting developments recently: first and foremost, I have reached over $100/mo on Patreon with the great lucky number of 13 patrons! Thank you thank you thank you! <3

I also have FOUR commissions to work on this month as well as non-art  based work coming up, so updates may be hectic this week and next week. I’m also in the process of updating Patreon to look a bit more colorful (the rewards will remain the same), and building an online store to sell remaining Comic Con Seoul goodies.

Finally, Inktober has started! I’ll be posting my creations on Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to follow me if that’s something you enjoy!