Happy Tuesday! I figured I’d share “extras” while I’m on hiatus on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is the first week I’m free from other work obligations, so I have the energy to do such things. Be sure to subscribe to my Twitter and Instagram accounts to get even more content during the week!

Usually. Sometimes.

It’s the tail end MerMay (heh.), featuring MerMalcolm and MerJules! I always forget to draw merfolk this month, which is ridiculous considering I have actual merfolk in my frickin’ comic. I like playing around with more non-human features in my merfolk, but this is pretty Disney standard, I know. :3

Sea Legs is still on hiatus until August, but I hope to have sporadic updates¬† in June! I’m doing weekly livedraws for Comic Con Seoul merch and other funsies, so be sure to subscribe to my channel to get notifications when I’m live.

Starting in August, I will also be providing a BRAND NEW tier for Patreon. 4 people at $55 per month will get merfolkified with their fish half of choice. I will also merfolkify your OCs, your pets, your SO, and more! Malcolm and Jules’s portraits are prime examples, only the Patreon portraits will be A4 at 600 dpi.

Until then, thank you for reading!