And that’s it for this Interlude! Tune in next week for the start of CHAPTER 3, which features our favorite Londoner, Jules, and NEW additions to the cast! I’m really excited to introduce this part of the story to you all – it’s been a looooong time in the making.

In other news: Game Night has continued to update on Patreon! Patrons at $12+ get a page update every other Wednesday, and $1+ gets to see the thumbnails. If you enjoy slice-of-life romance comics with a bit of D&D in the mix, considering joining the crew today!

Speaking of Patreon, the $50+ tier is getting a makeover starting in October 2019. For $50, four patrons get a cameo appearance in either Game Night OR Sea Legs (buyer’s choice!). (Note: characters will be background characters that may or may not have speaking roles. I do not guarantee that these characters will recur, and may only appear in this single scene.) I will still be donating 20% of the individual pledges to organizations devoted to marine life conservation. Proof of donation will be provided at the end of the month.

Those who receive a cameo will have their names featured when both comics go to print.