One more page of this interlude and then we move on to Chapter 3!

Lot’s of news this week: First and foremost, I have a portfolio website! It’s still a WIP but it’s up. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me through the site.

Secondly, I have a low-key side project called “Wal and Bun“. It’s an Instagram webcomic series about a walrus, a rabbit, and their friends as they grapple with being in long distance relationships. It’s very loosely based on hubs and my experience being long distance for 3.5 years. Many of our friends are also in LDRs and will star in the comic. Wal and Bun updates weekly. 🙂


Finally, there are some changes to Patreon starting in October. The $50+ tier allows you to be featured as a background character in Game Night OR Sea Legs! One month’s patronage equals one cameo, and I’ve bumped the number of slots available to four.