Welp. I took the plunge and published a portfolio site, although I’m still tinkering with it. I want to go back and fix the banners and front page.

The goal is to do at least one blog post a week, mostly posting photos of other art projects like embroidery or other musings about art in general. It will also be another place I post my UPDATE links for both Sea Legs and Game Night.

In other news, Game Night has resumed updating on Patreon! At $1+, you get to see the thumbnails, but $12+ is to read it. Once I hit $250/mo, the “After Hours” (ooh la la) comics and illustrations will be made available monthly in both comicverses.

Finally, we have one more slot open for the $50+ tier! Remember, for August and September this tier will be 100% donated to organizations working in the Amazon rainforest. You can read more about it here.