Art has been a therapy tool for refugee children in more than one part of the world. As I said in previous pages, I wanted to use this interlude to talk about Emily through the context of multiple narratives in various times, people who are not particularly famous or important (with the exception of Admiral Cunningham, who was mentioned in the previous page), people who are not privvy to the goings on of the supernatural, and people who really can’t explain what they saw.

Mariem Beji is a fictional five year old from Tunisia. Due to the political unrest in her country, her family left Tunisia to Libya to be smuggled across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in the hopes of gaining asylum seeker status. She, as well as many others, would be another statistic for what is now called the European Migrant Crisis. Emily tried to hold onto both her and her younger brother’s life jackets after her parents died, but only hers stayed upright by the time the rescuers arrived. (And while I am very proud of the progression my artwork has taken recently, I feel I need to improve this page’s flow.)

I was in Malta when this crisis was just starting to become, well, a crisis. The organization I interned with tried to help asylum seekers depending on the help they needed. They were understaffed, underpaid, and underappreciated. There were days the country was told to expect bodies coming to shore. It was the same year a young child’s body was sensationalized globally when he was found.

The Smithsonian has collecting art pieces from migrant children who are currently detained along the U.S./Mexican border. It is heart-wrenching, but in my opinion absolutely necessary to document these experiences. If you are looking for organizations to donate to that help migrant children and their families, here is a list to consider.

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