Please make note that the first three pages of Interlude 3 show instances of distress, drowning, and character death.

So, we’re back! I’m going to continue doing once weekly updates for August and then just… hope for the best for twice weekly updates in September. My goal this month is to get my portfolio website up this month, redo the website, and get Sea Legs back on track. In September, I’ll be going back to change the chapter and interlude covers to be more consistent in design.

Patrons are currently two updates ahead, and are able to view comic thumbnails four pages ahead at $1/mo. If you’re interested in seeing the process, consider becoming part of the Sea Legs crew!

Next week will be a livedraw for an upcoming character design, August’s sea creature of the month, AND the monthly illustration. You can follow me on Picarto, Facebook, Mastodon, or Twitter to receive notifications for when I’m live.