Welcome to Sea Legs’s first Interlude! Yarrr… there be implied sexy times ahead.

As I was writing the script, I wanted to provide something to the readers that helped express relationships between characters that may not be explained in the main storyline. That, and it’s really fun to focus on character development.

I got the idea from the amazing duo, Yamino and Ash, who co-create Sister Claire. I’m a huge fan of the comic, as well as the Missing Moments, and their usage of MiMos is what inspired me to make the Interludes. I cannot recommend it enough, and if you have extra income to spare, you can support them through Patreon or purchasing their epic merch.

You can expect at least one interlude (maybe two) between chapters, and the interludes are to line up with the chapters in some way to enrich the plot.

Speaking of support, I’m going to be making Patreon and Ko-fi accounts on 16 Oct, when Chapter 1 gets into full swing. And starting on 1 Oct, I’ll have commission slots open. More information on that will be in the extras page.