I have a super secret collab project in the works which has taken me away from Sea Legs, but I wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for reading!

Upcoming Patreon news!

Starting Monday, February 17, 2020, I’ll be removing the $3, $12, and $20 tiers and changing the $1 and $5 tiers.*  

I will be changing the $1+ tier to $2+ and moving the $3+ rewards (monthly illustration, sketches, and mini comics) to $5.

The $10+ and $50 tiers will stay as they are.

*Why I’m doing this: Having multiple tiers that are so close in price but widely varied in rewards made determining which post belonged to which tier confusing and inconsistent. I want what I post to match what I think my work is worth, and when I looked into how other comic artists use Patreon, many have moved to the $2, $5, and $10 model.

ALSO, my Patreon exclusive comic, Game Night, is moving to the $5+ tier! I’ll republish the comic pages twice a week until it is caught up to the current page.

$12+ will be unlocked when I’ve achieved my first goal of $250/mo, and will be the NSFW tier with monthly private livestreams.

Please mind my editing this weekend as I enact this changes. I’ll be sure to post updates on social media when it’s completed.

Happy Friday!