So. Health’s been a thing. Hence, the filler funsies.

I love seeing art that combines multiple fanbases. Pokemon was a HUGE part of my childhood, and one thing Malcolm and I have in common is that Bulbasaur would have been our starter pokemon. I spent a lot of time considering which pokemon my characters would really connect with, so I may turn this into a series at some point.

I received a great piece of constructive criticism by a friend and I wanted to play around with their suggestions. This illustration was to work on those things: varied lineart weight, dynamic shadowing techniques, and color theory. I’m fairly content with how it turned out, but it’s a work in process, and I hope to put what I’m learning into the comic to continue making it a compelling story to read.

I know comic updates have been sporadic, and I appreciate your patience as I finish up this project proposal I’m submitting (Patrons at the $12 and $20 tier are getting a sneak peak!) in January, along with the commissions I have lined up this month.