Thank you for your patience and the late upload! I hope you enjoy learning about the Christmas Tree Worm!

I’m hoping to get back to regularly scheduled comic updates, but this may be the last post until the New Year. If that’s the case, I wish you a happy holidays. I am working on another comic project that my Patrons at the $12 and $20 tiers are able to read (set in the Sea Legs Universe, but not about Sea Legs), but I do post concept art and sketches at $3 and $5 tiers as well.

Speaking of tiers! Starting January 2019, a brand new $50 tier will be available, which gets you a monthly sea creature of your choice drawn and digitally sent JUST to you. The fun part is that 20% of your pledge (so a minimum of $10, but can be more depending on the individual’s pledge) is donated to a marine life conservation or ocean cleanup organization. Since this comic has always been intended to have a giving back component, I’m particularly excited for this tier.