Hello and happy Friday! It’s been a wild couple of months, including a complete overhaul of Patreon and Ko-Fi, and a super secret collab project in the works.

What’s changed on my Patreon:

  • I’ve changed tiers to the $2, $5, and $10 model for consistent posting type based on my patrons’ input on what they want to see.
  • My Patreon exclusive comic, Game Night, has moved to the $5+ tier!
  • My first monthly goal of $250 will unlock the $12+ tier, which will have NSFW content and monthly private livedraws (you must be 18+). Patrons at $10+ will receive monthly stickers along with their homemade postcards! (The $2+ tier gets to vote on the design, and the $5+ tier gets to see the final digital format!) 
  • At $2+ you will receive early bird discounts AND first call on traditional art pieces I sell on my site.


Still to do: redo the Sea Legs website (much needed)… and redo my personal site (morrikoester.com) to allow for selling original art pieces.