I’ve been having some health funsies the last few weeks, including a nice dose of burnout, but yay UPDATE!

Additional changes:

My portfolio site has had a makeover, so be sure to take a gander at my other projects. My hope is to redo the Sea Legs site as well in the near future, but one big project at a time.

Also, there are significant changes to the Sea Legs Patreon.

¬†As I said, I’ve had a bit of a sick bug the last two weeks, and since comic pages just weren’t happening, I thought I’d take a listen to the Comic Lab podcast (great content) and try to figure out how I can improve my business model in making comics. That meant reviewing my portfolio site and changing how I interacted online on social media platforms.

That also meant taking a look at my Patreon and my goals.

At this point in time, none of the tiers have changed, but my goals have gone from monetary to the number of patrons I have. I did this because my Cameo for a Cause tier at $50+ will drastically affect my monthly income by $50-200 USD, and I’d rather be more people oriented in my comicking career anyway. I’ve also changed my first goal to 50 patrons regardless of what I earn, because 50 people who care enough to send a buck my way is outstanding.

Along with changing my goal type, I also reviewed the reward upon reaching 50 patrons and thought… the other tiers should get a little something aside from the upcoming twelve buck smut. So then I thought, how about Sea Legs stickers at the $10 and $20 tiers with $3+ able to see and review the designs? The $1+ tier will be able to vote on what becomes the monthly sticker.