So. I can explain.

Recently, I experienced an artistic crisis. The Sea Legs art style has always been hard for me to keep consistent, and preparing pages literally felt like pulling teeth. The style brought me no joy, and as much as I love the story, I had no joy in making it for over a year. It’s taken me nearly four years to crank out one hundred pages, and I want to share this story without it taking thirty years. Granted, 2020 was filled with a lot of personal loss for me, but after my 22-week pregnancy loss, I developed this style for the book I’m doing… and it suddenly clicked.

I’m doing a hard shift, and since my reading audience is still relatively small, I’m going for it now and keeping on with it. I’m also redoing the early pages, starting with the prologue, but they will be updated solely on Patreon and then published in chapter batches.

Folks, I’m excited. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this style, and this page, and what this means for the story. So stay tuned.