Hey all! I have a bit of a cold so last Friday’s page is up a bit late. I do seem to be handling the workload just fine, but hopefully it will improve as my cold lightens up.

In other news… the Sea Legs early pages are getting a redo.


At the $2+ tier on Patreon, patrons get to see the re-dos as I finish them and the complete chapters will be posted on the site in bulk. If you are interested in seeing the changes (and there is some retcon, as in, the same information is displayed differently, pages added, and Emily and Delbin’s designs have been tweaked slightly), consider joining the crew at https://www.patreon.com/morrikoester.

Other changes: my Patreon has downsized to three tiers, and all tiers are entirely comics based. At the $5+ tier, patrons are currently getting my patreon exclusive comic pages for Game Night and my graphic memoir Don’t Borrow Trouble. That means anywhere between 2 and 4 pages each week!

As a reminder: No Sea Legs updates next week due to the holidays, and the week following will be sporadic. I’m working to develop a healthy work-life balance in preparation of 2021, which means I’m not striving to achieve unhealthy expectations to work when it’s a time for family and friends.