Happy Friday, all! Can you believe we’re hitting August this week? It’s been an insanely hectic year, and I hope everyone is safe and well. As of today, I am officially 19 weeks in my pregnancy, which is bananas. Simply bananas.

A few updates:

My Patreon-exclusive comic, Game Night, is getting a re-d0.

For those who don’t know this story, Game Night was originally going to be a webtoon, a project requested by a publishing company that didn’t pan out. Out of guilt, I kept going with the project alongside Sea Legs, because I’m stubborn and don’t want to give up on a good story. More content means more ways for me to improve on comics and art, after all.

But I was pushing forward with a story that deserved better and the source of my frustration was not following that desire to retell it the way it should have been: less info-dump pages (which many new comic artists have a tendency to do), more focus on character interaction (including the rpg characters), and more experimentation that’s consistent.

So in addition to pages re-do’s, patrons also get to compare the original pages with the new ones (including artist commentary)!