This is the part of the script that needed a major overhaul and some historical accuracy revolving opium dens in London in subsequent pages.

I’m still learning the value of panel flow not only from panel to panel, but page to page. I tend to try to info dump a lot in a page, and I’m working to improve that with this chapter specifically by adding small interactions that add to the characters’ personalities and how they relate to each other. It does mean more pages, but I hope that leads to a better story overall.

Jules takes after Lao lao more than her mother does. Both are very comfortable in banter while Dr. Hou enjoys watching from the sidelines, occasionally scandalized but usually delighted. I wanted to show this blend of Chinese-British values that clearly mixes in the household, especially considering both sides of Jules’s family has been in England since the late nineteenth century. In this regard, Lao lao takes hospitality very seriously, but often with an agenda only grandmothers harbor: sharing family stories and gossip with a little bit of second helpings guilt.

She’s not fooling anyone, though, and both Astrid and Jules are more than willing to indulge.