Hello all! It’s been literal months since Sea Legs had an update, but I’m hoping to continue weekly updates into July and until December. For those who follow me on social media (like Twitter or Instagram), you’re probably aware that I am expecting my first munchkin at the end of the year… and pregnancy fatigue kicked my butt. I’m just in the beginning of the second trimester, so my energy is picking back up, but yeah… art’s been hard lately.

I’ve also opened a Gumroad account where I posted a five-page short comic on protest safety in light of the BLM protests. It focuses specifically on tear gas, and it’s currently free to download and distribute. As always, please conduct further research for your personal safety and well-being.

Other updates! I’ve started a low-key comic series on Patreon at the $5+ tier about my pregnancy experiences. It’s primarily light-hearted, such as poking fun at Korean maternity wear, having to use the bathroom every fifteen minutes, and preparations of giving birth in a country with different cultural expectations to pregnancy and childbirth. It’s not a priority so it updates irregularly, but I’m enjoying using another art style that’s super cartoony and quick to draw.