Proctoring exams and after school comics class has started for me (because YAY, moneys!), and I’m already feeling the strain. I may need to take next week to chill out, but will hopefully have some sort of SL content to share on the site if not the regularly scheduled comic pages.


March is here, and that means in 17 days, I’ll be in Ireland with the hubs!

If you are interested in commissioning me to create original art pieces for you, I’d love to have the extra income. More information can be found here:

Also, as with any break (March 23-31), if any of you lovely people would like to submit guest art for that week, I’d be just delighted! You can send it to me, with your credit info and links to your other work, at clare.m.koester(AT) It could be of your favorite SL character or your favorite underwater critter (or your favorite SL character interacting with your favorite underwater critter)! The final piece can’t be larger than 2 mb, and please keep it SFW.