Happy Friday all! It’s the beginning of Spring Break here, so there will not be an update next week. I’m going to be spending the week creating an online portfolio as a place for people to view my artwork beyond Sea Legs as well as a store to sell said artwork. My goal is to be a lot more consistent with my online presence, and have a way to keep readers in the loop when I’ll be doing livedraws and such.

Patrons at the $1+ tier will still get comic thumbnails for both Sea Legs and Game Night pages in the meantime, and access to Sea Legs’s invitation only discord to talk about the comic!

Speaking of livedraws! I’ll be doing one NEXT weekend! Be sure to subscribe to my Picarto page to receive notifications for when I’m live!

Finally, super huge thank you to my patrons for their continued support! Another joined the Sea Legs crew this month and I’m just sakhdlakjdhaskljhsdfk.