Happy Friday, readers! A huge thank you for your patience as I wrap up other projects and commissions this month, although it’s looking like I will need to continue updating once a week on Fridays through March. I’ve been rather frustrated with how the pages were turning out and decided to sign up for some online classes to improve my techniques in lineart, the human figure, and color theory. I’m also getting to the point where my usage of figure references seem to be hindering dynamic poses, so I want to do a test comic page without them and see how it goes.

After this Chapter, it will be more apparent that I’m making certain art style changes, both in individual character designs as well as how I draw this way. I’d rather do this sooner than later so that, when Sea Legs goes to print, there will be less tears and ice cream binges for me.

In the meantime, patrons are getting behind the scenes Sea Legs content and other projects that are either Patreon exclusive or for other publishing endeavors:

Patrons at $12+ are currently reading TWO comic projects, a short called “I Have Come” (an anthology submission I hope gets accepted), and “Game Night”, a slice-of-life queer romance revolving around university students and their weekly RPG tabletop game.

Patrons at $3+ receive Daily Doods, and are currently getting an ongoing story called “Flavors of Grief”:

I started this as a way to process the recent passing of my grandfather last week. The idea came to me when I was frustrated that I couldn’t really decipher what I was feeling, and came to the conclusion that grief was like ice cream… it comes in many flavors.

Have a wonderful weekend! There’s a livedraw hesitantly planned on Saturday or Sunday.