Happy Friday all!

So, some changes and updates! To the left of this commentary is a new section where I will feature a small icon of the current month’s Sea Creature of the Month. This month is Benny the Whitespotted Bamboo Shark. If you click on their icon, you will be sent to the “Extras” page where there is an infocard and a larger illustration of their awesomeness.

As mentioned last week, I’ve posted the first five pages of my Patreon Exclusive comic for the $12+ tiers for public view. You can view the pages here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-comic-1-24404890

I’ve also added a BRAND NEW tier on Patreon for $50+. This tier is a bit special and is limited to 4 people each month. Similar to the $12 dollar tier, you do not receive a postcard, but do receive the $1 – 5 and $12 tiers rewards in addition to:

  • One commissioned sea creature of your choice as an icon for online profiles. They will be delivered electronically.
  • Each month I will donate 20% of this tier’s individual pledges to an organization focusing on marine life conservation. So the more you pledge, the more I donate! Proof will be provided with each individual pledge.

This month’s organization is The Marine Mammal Center. (I’m not sponsored by any organization I feature. I just happen to really love their work and want to give back in a fun way. TMMC’s Instagram is amazing and I highly recommend following for the doing good feels.)

Help me reach my first goal this month ($250/mo) on Patreon (we’re almost 60% there!). If you enjoy Sea Legs, want to see/receive Patreon exclusive content and are financially capable of doing so, please consider pledging. Starting this month, the $3+ tier ALSO gets daily mini comics called “Daily Doods” like this one:

I was really inspired by the style I did for Hourly Comic Day and wanted to continue working on it. The theme continues to be autobiographical, but the Sea Legs cast will also be featured. And if you aren’t able to contribute monthly, please share Sea Legs or follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Like my Facebook page. It really does a world of difference.