Aaaaaaand we’re back! Happy February and thank you so much for sticking with the story as I was on hiatus. 2018 was the year of health funsies, and taking that break really helped. Also, a huge shoutout to my Patreon supporters during this time. Seriously, your words of motivation and excitement whenever I shared concept art, comic pages in progress, and other projects really kept me going.

Also, as some of you know, I was working on another story idea for a publisher, whose company unfortunately didn’t follow through and the relationship between them dried up. I’ve decided to resume Sea Legs as my main work focus, and despite that, I do have the beginnings of what is going to be another good story which I’ll post the first five pages of publicly on my Patreon. For now, it remains as one of two Patreon exclusive comics for $12+ tiers.

You can view the pages here:

In other news: Sea Legs will be doing WEEKLY updates on Fridays until March. I am working on TWO other projects, one of which has a deadline, and a big commission. I’ve also added a BRAND NEW tier on Patreon for $50+. This tier is a bit special and is limited to 4 people each month. Similar to the $12 dollar tier, you do not receive a postcard, but do receive the $1 – 5 and $12 tiers rewards in addition to:

  • One commissioned sea creature of your choice as a square icon for online profiles. They will be delivered electronically.
  • Each month I will donate 20% of this tier’s individual pledges to an organization focusing on marine life conservation. So the more you pledge, the more I donate! Proof will be provided with each individual pledge.

This month’s organization is The Marine Mammal Center. (I’m not sponsored by any organization I feature. I just happen to really love their work and want to give back in a fun way. TMMC’s Instagram is amazing and I highly recommend following for the doing good feels.)

Help me reach my first goal this month ($250/mo) on Patreon. If you enjoy Sea Legs, want to see/receive Patreon exclusive content (I post a LOT) and are financially capable of doing so, please consider pledging.

Finally, IT’S HOURLY COMIC DAY (in Korea, anyway). Follow my hourlies as I update them on Twitter.