Happy Friday all!

So, a few updates:

  1.  Sea Legs will be updating once a week on Fridays for the month of November and possibly December to build a buffer and to give me time to work on another big (potentially paid) comic project I have in the works as well as a few commissions I have lined up.
  2. Said big project will be shared with Patrons in the meantime. If you’re interested in helping me reach my first monthly goal and seeing said project be created, AND unlocking new levels for even MORE reward options, consider pledging here!
  3. Voting for November’s Sea Creature of the Month is currently ongoing via Twitter. Please be sure to vote for your favorite to see an info comic about them posted on the site!

Regarding commissions, I have two confirmed for November and will not be taking more until the workload calms down (Estimated commissions resuming in January 2019).