When I first wrote the script for this page, it seemed silly for Tiberius and Cary to be immediately understanding of Malcolm’s profession. Canonically, Tiberius is illiterate, and Cary, while literate, is out of touch with the common world beyond what he finds on ships. So how the heck would they know what marine biology was… would they even know algae as a word itself?

But they do understand “modify” and “toxicity” and “pollutants” to an extent, and that sounds borderline miraculous if not magical to two beings who believe humans can only be capable of so much beyond harming the world around them. Tiberius still considers Emily human, because she was, so his opinions of humanity are a lot kinder than Cary’s or Delbin’s.

It will be interesting to explore Malcolm’s and Emily’s friendship developing through him introducing her to modern technology, and the language she uses to describe what she sees without the modern context.