Aaaand we’re back! We’re closing in on the end of the chapter and will hopefully get to Chapter 3 by November.

To keep readers updated, I have been recovering from a cold and just… mental health has not been my top priority as it should be lately. On top of it all, my art style and where I want Sea Legs to go seems to be conflicting, and I hope to get it hashed out by Chapter 3. I get so self conscious seeing that I play around with different ways of drawing the comic with almost every page, I worry it isn’t coming across as a cohesive story. But that’s the beauty of the webcomic genre, right? You learn as you go.

In any event, there aren’t many changes coming up that are as drastic as the background consistency attempts. You get to meet Jules’s girlfriend and both her and Malcolm’s BOSS in Chapter 3, both very cool people. 🙂