First and foremost, thank you for your patience as I finished this page last week. I am working on developing a different art style, and the good news is I’m feeling much happier with where it’s going.

Delbin has been an interesting character to develop. Her design drastically changed since Sea Legs was a wee idea, as well as her motivations and past. I’ve mentioned before that I initially had what was a very negative and commonly used trope for female/queer characters, and upon learning just how awful it was… I scrapped it. She does still have an upsetting backstory, but not to the extent that I feel would promote the sad backstory for a female character stereotype and have the male lead swoop in and help her overcome her trauma while he in turn grows from the experience. (Blegh.)

But it IS important to show we dehumanize others to validate our choices in life, and almost each of the main cast has that in their narrative. It’s why Tiberius is where he is. It’s certainly why Emily is where she is. Even Cary is a victim of circumstance. Malcolm will also experience that lack of humanity in upcoming chapters. That’s a huge point to the story: how we treat others leaves a ripple of consequences, both positively and negatively.