Hooooooly crap… We did it. We reached the end of chapter 2. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far!

It was a really hectic few months, and I’m hoping by August, things will settle in to a more consistent groove.

Starting near the end of May, Sea Legs will be on hiatus until late-July/ early-August. I’ll be attending my grandfather’s funeral services in the states, only to fly back home for a week and then we’re off on our U.S. tour to visit friends and family over the summer. I will be providing Patrons thumbnails and (hopefully) mostly finished pages during that time. I hope to make use of April and May by finishing my commissions and getting Patron rewards out of the way.

Speaking of Patreon, patrons at the $3+ tier get a whole new project to enjoy called “Ow, My Tumor”, which will be updated Monday through Friday.

TW: minor graphic imagery and medical nudity, surgery, post traumatic stress, depressive thoughts. May not be suitable for young children.

“Ow, My Tumor” is a short autobiocomic about a topic I don’t feel gets enough focus: ptsd revolving around surgery. It’s a deeply personal story around my experience of getting a benign tumor (a teratoma) removed from my left ovary last year, and the subsequent events of how the procedure affected me months later.