Hello everyone, I’ll be in transit for Korea in a few short hours, and the overall visit to the U.S. was a positive one. Unfortunately, a family member passed early Thursday morning, so I’m feeling a bit raw about the whole thing. Updates will go on as normal, but I may be a bit late publishing the November wallpaper on Patreon or the Sea Creature of the Month on the Extras page by a few days as I grieve and recover from jetlag.

Speaking of Patreon –

If you’re liking the story so far and are interested in extra goodies, consider becoming a patron on Patreon! Each tier available has great rewards, including but not limited to: comic page updates a day early; underwater themed and Sea Legs character wallpapers and lineart; sketches; mini comics; concept art; and much much more.

Thank you for continuing to read Sea Legs. xox