Happy Boxing Day, all! I hope your Winter Holidays have been drama-free and relaxing. Our besties brought a crap-ton of quality peanut butter as my stocking stuffer, because they know me so well. 🙂

In Sea Legs related news, I have changed my Patreon goal slightly. I realized that I really love doing livedraws on the regular, and since I’m doing them already it seemed silly to make that part of the goal. I will try to figure out which weekend I’ll make my “livedraw” weekend, but you can expect it to be on a Friday or Saturday around 8 PM EST. Once I get to $250/mo (we’re 20% there!), I will start taking Sea Legs or fan art related polls and requests for the public livedraws, and the private smutty smut live draws will be unlocked.

Here is a sample of January 2018’s wallpaper for $3+ patrons, with lineart to color at the $5+ tier. We’re getting to the point in the story where characters are finally being introduced, and Cary with champagne is quite literally like a fish in water. :p A huge thank you for those who joined the livedraw on Saturday. I have it recorded, but I’m still figuring out how to do video editing and posting it on YouTube. The wallpaper will be available on December 31.