My favorite motif in the Sea Legs series is Cary’s insistence that he wears the swimtrunks better, despite the OBVIOUS impossibility of it. I think he mentions it once in every chapter I’ve scripted so far.

Granted, the script was written before Cary’s redesign, but I still think it’s funny. Cary’s original design enabled him to actually wear Malcolm’s trunks, which he was intending to do so as a reminder who was in charge. Hence the idea he wore them better. The only problem was that Cary wasn’t balanced anatomically, and it would have been impossible for him to walk around on land. I’ll have to share his early concept art one of these days….

In other news, Patreon is NOT changing their fees structure, thank goodness. I sincerely hope that those affected, Creators and Patrons alike, will have the capability to getting back on track sooner rather than later.

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