Happy Friday the 13th, all you superstitious, spooky people!  Hug your black cats (or perhaps consider adopting a black furry friend at your nearby shelter, as they are notoriously unlikely to being adopted for some reason, and many do Friday-the-13th specials) and tempt fate with placing bread upside down (Italy) or mixing wine and watermelon (Argentina).

Regarding Sea Legs related news, the votes are in for November’s Sea Creature of the Month, and the Manta Ray has won! Starting in November, polls for SCOTM will be exclusively for $1+ tier Patrons on Patreon.

Speaking of Patreon, Sea Legs has one! I am really excited to provide more fun content to those who can help support Sea Legs and my other projects financially, but Sea Legs will always be free to view. Here are the Patron tiers and rewards I have so far:

By pledging $1+:

  • Comic page updates a day early as available
  • Participate in polls for Sea Creature of the Month and the Monthly wallpaper
  • Cute bunny photos of my pet rabbits, Bran and Teague

By pledging $3+:

  • Patreon-exclusive monthly wallpaper!
  • Patreon-exclusive sketches and mini comics

By pledging $5+:

  • Patreon only concept art and comic page thumbnails/sketches
  • The monthly wallpaper as lineart for you to color
  • The Sea Creature of the Month as lineart for you to color

Although we’re halfway through October, rewards for the $3+ and $5+ tiers are up and ready to go. Starting next week, I’ll be sharing the comic pages A DAY EARLY to $1+ patrons.

If you’re not sure you can be a Patron for Sea Legs at the moment but want to donate, that’s okay (and appreciated)! Sea Legs also has a Ko-Fi account! The premise behind Ko-Fi is essentially buying creatives a digital coffee at $3. It’s linked with PayPal and super easy/fun to use. If you decide to donate through Ko-Fi, be sure to leave a note with your email address so that I can provide you that month’s wallpaper in thanks.

As always, I am offering commissions, although my almost-two-week trip is going to keep me away from my computer. So if you’re interested in having your characters drawn, the slot will be taken up in November.