Who is this ghostly voice of reason? Find out in the pages to come!

Update about Patreon: since their new payment plan was sent by email to me on the 7th, not to mention the HUGE backlash that resulted, I haven’t heard an update on what they intend to do from there. I’ve written more about it here, and hopefully it gets resolved with a more agreeable compromise (like taking a cut from the creators, which honestly makes the most sense to me).

For those who are supporting me despite Patreon’s ridiculousness, thank you so much.  For those who are considering but aren’t sure about your budget at this time, the mere acts of sharing, commenting, and promoting Sea Legs helps me a ton.


Don’t forget! Livedraw funsies is taking place on Saturday, Dec. 23, 8 p.m. EST on Picarto. It will be the first wallpaper that features a Sea Legs character, so get hyped!