Happy Friday, everyone! Patreon patrons and friends have voted, and the Goblin Shark wins Sea Creature of the Month for December! It’s such a weird shark, how can you not love them?

In other news, I’m considering doing a livedraw in late November, early December for the monthly wallpaper. It would be a Friday evening EST, i.e., early morning Saturday for me. December 1st happens to fall on a Friday… what are the odds?

This would be the chance to ask me questions about Sea Legs, conflict resolution, life in Korea, and more! Be sure to “watch” my Picarto channel to receive notifications when I’m live, but I’ll for sure give you ample warning.

And just in case you haven’t seen this yet:


We’re almost 10% through our first goal of $250/mo. This goal unlocks monthly livedraws, another patron tier, and additional Patreon-exclusive content that I’m building toward. Any giving amount is greatly appreciated!