Tiberius and I share the same sentiment. :3

Also –

Just a heads up, I’ll be taking next week off for updates to prepare for my Ireland trip and concept art for Patrons (not to mention updating the website). I need to draw the yacht’s layout and make note of what I’ll need to ret-con when I get to enough pages for printing.


If you are interested in  commissioning me to create original art pieces for you, I’d love to have  the extra income. More information can be found here: https://sealegscomic.com/index.php/commissions/

Speaking of Ireland, if any of you lovely people would like to  submit guest art for that week, I’d be just delighted! You can send it  to me, with your credit info and links to your other work, at  clare.m.koester(AT)gmail.com. It could be of your favorite SL character  or your favorite underwater critter (or your favorite SL character  interacting with your favorite underwater critter)! The final piece  can’t be larger than 2 mb, and please keep it SFW.