First update of the New Year! Wooot!

We’re gearing up to the end of Chapter 1 in a few weeks, so stay tuned for Interlude 2 and then CHAPTER TWO.

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Patreon news:

I’ve made a schedule for when I’ll have the various rewards posted in the month (one, to make sure I do all of them, two, to spread them out throughout the month for your continuous viewing funsies and to keep the workload from completely obliterating what’s left of my sanity).
Here’s what to expect:
Mondays and Thursdays: early updates ($1+ tier)
Tuesdays and Fridays: public updates (on the website and on here with a link)
1st Friday of the month: Slice o’ life photos and things ($1+ tier)
2nd Week of the month: wallpaper poll voting ($1+ tier)
3rd Week of the month: Sea Creature of the Month voting ($1+ tier)
1st of the Month: Wallpaper ($3+ tier), and Wallpaper and SCOTM lineart ($5+ tier) available
2nd Saturday of the month: sketch/mini comic ($3+ tier)
3rd Saturday of the month: concept art ($5+ tier)