Aaaaand that’s it for this Q&A series! I really enjoyed the Loosy Goosy cartoony style for this, as well as answering some of the questions readers had sent in. Comic updates will resume next week, and a livedraw will hopefully take place this weekend.

In other news, meet Hugo the Hawksbill Turtle, Sea Leg’s Sea Creature of the Month for September!

The hawksbill sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle with worldwide distribution among the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans in tropical reefs. There are two subspecies of the turtle, both of which are highly migratory and principally eat sea sponge as part of their omnivorous diet. Unfortunately, do to the exploitation of the species for their shells and their meat, as well as their slow maturation, biologists have estimated a whopping 80% of the species has declined in the last century. They have been considered “critically endangered” since 1996. And while conservation efforts have been made, there has been no change nor additional information to suggest anything but further decline.

It’s very difficult to be aware that we as a species are capable of doing much harm to the environment for the sake of “progress”. The vaquita was another option for this month’s SCotM feature, and only TWELVE of them remain. I still think we’re able to get our act together and come together as a world to fix some of the horrors we’ve done, but it’s going to take time, work, commitment, and changing how we utilize resources.

If you are interested in learning about the simple ways you can contribute to sea turtle conservation efforts and receive news and updates, I highly suggest starting here: