Regarding the artist and musician question: Jules and Malcolm are fairly eclectic with their musicians and artists, but the two they’ve named are the ones who are really speaking to them right now.

Emily always admired Morisot for her talent and ability to be considered one of the best impressionist painters of her time. And while she was not much of a music listener, she enjoyed Waldteufel‘s light and airy compositions, disliking the serious and somber music that prevailed during her lifetime.

Cary hates to admit humanity’s ingenuity for the arts, but he knows what he likes. There are other artists, bards, and musicians he liked, but their names never made it to the history books.

Tiberius hasn’t really had much of a proper arts education, and prefers the moments Natures provides: a glorious sunset that brings tears to your eyes, the whale song that vibrates your chest and fills you with love, the many colors and textures that the sea provides, the occasional sailor jig he hears on ships … this is art and music to him. However, if he was ever introduced to a Warhol piece or listened to Elton John, he’d be tickled.

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