Sea Legs is an adventure fantasy comic that combines science, environmental activism, and the supernatural in one glorious package. The story revolves around one scientist’s goal of saving the world and finding that some myths and legends are not only true, but will do whatever it takes to keep their presence a secret.

Oh, and a Victorian Era murder mystery, because who doesn’t love those.

Sea Legs usually updates weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Trigger warnings/mature themes include: strong language, slight nudity and suggestive content, character death, violence, and drug use


MK is a self-published, freelance artist graduated from George Mason University with a BA (2012) and MS (2014) in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Originally from Virginia, they have been an expat for the last three years and is currently in South Korea. They thrive on coffee, webcomics, and cute rabbit photos as sustenance.

Other than writing and drawing comics, their hobbies include rock climbing, succulent hoarding, teaching kids of all ages to draw, hanging out with their pet rabbits, and going on epic adventures with their hubs, CK.

For commissions, inquiries, fanart, and more, send an email to: clare(dot)m(dot)koester@gmail(dot)com.